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"Keep the joy of Christian Science and a well-grounded and boundless hope in your success. Remember, as Truth progresses, error grows more subtle and aggressive, but it does not become something – it always remains an illusion, and is always met and destroyed with the understanding that divine Love is the only power."

Mary Baker Eddy






Mary Baker Eddy wrote:

"In my public works I lay bare the ability, in belief, of evil to break the Decalogue,--to murder, steal, commit adultery, and so on. Those who deny my wisdom or right to expose error, are either willing participants in wrong, afraid of its supposed power, or ignorant of it.

"The notion that one
is covering iniquity
by asserting its nothingness, is a fault
of zealots, who, like Peter, sleep when the Watcher bids them watch, and when the hour of trial comes would cut off somebody's ears."

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Paul R. Smillie

Paul R. Smillie, a life-long Christian Scientist, devoted his life to defending Mary Baker Eddy, the woman of Bible prophecy, and her revelation, Christian Science. He was a Christian Science practitioner, Bible teacher, and author of the biography, Mary Baker Eddy: The Prophetic and Historical Perspective. He also wrote and distributed many articles from 1985-1991 through the foundation he established in order to support and extend his ability to reach the remnant. Six of his seven articles are now available in book form under the title, In Defense of Mary Baker Eddy and the Remnant of Her Seed.

Mr. Smillie's books are available through this website,, and The Bookmark.

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