Mary Baker Eddy

"My books are not all you know of me."

Mary Baker Eddy

"The article...entitled 'The Recent Reckless and Irresponsible Attacks on Christian Science and its Founder, with a Survey of the Christian Science Movement,' by the scholarly editor, Mr. B.O. Flower, is a grand defence of our Cause and its Leader. Such a dignified, eloquent appeal to the press in behalf of common justice and truth demands public attention. It defends human rights and the freedom of Christian sentiments, and tends to turn back the foaming torrents of ignorance, envy, and malice."

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In Defense of Mary Baker Eddy and the Remnant of Her Seed by Paul R. Smillie

344 pages - soft cover. A collection of Paul Smillie's most popular articles written between 1985 and 1991, including "Loving Our Leader." $24.99 plus shipping and handling. Scroll down to order.

Excerpt from In Defense:

    "The Mirror of Divine Science.   Mrs. Eddy holds up the mirror of  divine Science for all mankind, collective man, generic man. This is her demonstration. Her demonstration has made the mirror crystal clear for all mankind. Dare we sully it with ingratitude, jealousy, envy, egotism or intellectualism? ...This Science is a moral and spiritual Science. Can we see clearly in that mirror if we are ungrateful or indifferent for her great life sacrifice?"

Mary Baker Eddy The Prophetic and Historical Perspective by Paul R. Smillie

343 pages - soft cover.  Reveals the prophetic fulfillment of Scripture throughout her human experience, with emphasis on her discovery and the spiritual preparation needed to found the Christian Science Movement.  

This book is now being offered for $28.99 plus shipping and handling. Scroll down to order.

Excerpt from The Prophetic and Historical Perspective:

    "Does it seem strange with what we now know about the origin of the Saxon race that they have the Bible as their foremost classic, the glory of our English speech? Is it such a strange thing that latter-day Israel should have the Bible of ancient Israel? ...No one can improve on the King James Version any more than he can improve on Shakespeare.
    "A standard or absolute has been needed for language ever since language was originated. Some say that is impossible, but few realize that Mary Baker Eddy did just that when she established the King James version of the Bible and the Christian Science Textbook as the pastors of her Church. They became the standard of English literature, the language that one day was to become earth's universal language."

Mary Baker Eddy: Her Spiritual Footsteps, by Gilbert C. Carpenter, Sr. and Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr.

289 pages - hardcover. This book approaches Mrs. Eddy's experience through the realization that the effort to judge her life from the human standpoint of good has never struck one true note. When her activities and teaching in her household are understood from the spiritual standpoint, they set forth lucidly and extensively the true nature of Deity as expressed through man by reflection.

Excerpt from Her Spiritual Footsteps:

    "Mrs. Eddy required a practical and correct utilization of one's profession. She knew that if the world should find aught to criticise in the student, it would reflect against the Cause. ...The greatest advertisement of Christian Science is the mode of living of the individual student, because the world's estimate of it rests upon him."

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